Integrated Expressions Sdn Bhd – Malaysia

Web Designer:
• Designed and sketch the abstract of web layout. Final sketches of web layout were designed using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash.
• Supervised & assisted other web designers on their projects using Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver & Flash.
• Provided presentation for new clients or prospects using Microsoft power point.
• Reviewed and edited website. Discuss final editing with the client.
• Managed the client’s website as per their request.
• Modified in-house web design as requested by the director.

Interior Designer:
• Designed and sketch floor plans for client.
• Designing dentist room.

Graphic Designer:
• Designed brochures using Adobe Photoshop.
• Helping other graphic designer to design brochures of client’s projects.
• Helping other graphic designer doing the advertisement in the micro-web and flyer.

Multimedia Designer:
• Design, testing and doing presentation of the TVC using Adobe Flash.

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